About us

Olikol Rail Energy is a company operating on the energy and railway markets. We specialize in the scope of design of railway traffic control (RTC) devices and design including low- and medium-voltage, as well as high-voltage power engineering. Having our own design office provides comprehensive implementation of entrusted tasks. Within our company’s structures there are also executive brigades, construction and work managers of both energy and RTC. We also have our own technical infrastructure. We have completed many demanding projects in the railway industry, including modernization of the Witonia railway station and Pionki station as well as reconstruction of many railway crossings. On the energy market, we have completed construction of a 110 kV energy line supplying traction substations (Wałki, Bogumiłowice), power supply for the Glinnik military unit and many others. Our qualified and experienced engineering staff guarantees quality and timeliness of entrusted projects. Due to dynamic development, we constantly look for new staff members .

Since 2018 we are members of Widzew Business Club and we support RTS Widzew Łódź 


Chairman of the Board

Rafał Wyka

Member of the Board

Maciej Kikosicki

Design department

Maciej Kikosicki

email: maciejkikosicki@olikol.pl

Paweł Bugaj

email: pawelbugaj@olikol.pl

Łódź railway department

Director of the Railway Department

Przemysław Nowicki
email: przemyslawnowicki@olikol.pl

Deputy Director of the Railway Department

Mariusz Oźminkowski
email: mariuszozminkowski@olikol.pl

Building department

Works manager

Paweł Nadolski
email: pawelnadolski@olikol.pl

Construction engineer

Marcin Rekiel
email: marcinrekiel@olikol.pl

Delta X


Maciej Proga
email: maciejproga@olikol.pl

Purchasing department

Specialist in Logistics and Purchases

Paweł Bartoszewski
tel: 42 208 06 09
email: pawelbartoszewski@olikol.pl

Specialist in Logistics and Purchases

Paulina Olenkowicz
tel: 42 208 06 09
email: paulinaolenkowicz@olikol.pl

Finance department

Financial specialist

Katarzyna Płoszka
tel: 42 208 06 09
email: katarzynaploszka@olikol.pl

Thanks to our qualified staff and experience,
we guarantee the highest quality of services
and punctual delivery.