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Designing of
railway traffic
control systems

Construction of rail
traffic control systems

Delta X
substation power

of a medium voltage line

Construction of telecommunication
cable and fiber optic lines

Construction of
installations and power grids

We specialize in the scope of design and installation of railway traffic control (RTC) devices. Having our own design office provides comprehensive implementation of entrusted tasks. We also carry out projects in the energy and teletechnical industries. Our qualified and experienced engineering staff guarantees the quality and punctuality of realized projects.

The company’s experience derives from two factors – the knowledge of its employees and many successfully completed investments.

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Years of experience15+


Experienced team of engineers at your service!

Our team is large and experienced. It includes at least three RTC designers, two RTC managers, two managers of energy works, teletechnical works manager, construction engineers, foremen and fitters.

The proof of the quality and great knowledge of our team is accomplishment of demanding projects in the railway industry. They include modernization of the Witonia railway station, Pionki Station or reconstruction of many railway crossings. Concerning energy market, we have completed the construction of a 110kV line supplying traction substations (Wałki, Bogumiłowice), power supply for the Glinnik military unit and many others.

We are currently realizing following contracts: railway line No. 18 Kutno – Włocławek in the field of RTC, teletechnical and electrical power industries; railway line No. 287 Nysa – Opole in the field of RTC railway line No. 63 Wolbrom station in the field of RTC and teletechnical industry, BOSCH siding in Łódź in the field of RTC, teletechnical and electrical power industries. Without proper knowledge, it is impossible to build and operate an enterprise in a such demanding environment. Time allowed us to select the best people who improve their qualifications by participating in systematic training.

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