Development and demonstration of an Electric Security Lock

Development and demonstration of an Electric Security Lock

The OLIKOL RAIL ENERGY Sp. z o.o. The limited partnership is in the process of implementing the project entitled:

„Development and demonstration of an Electric Security Lock for use in railway traffic control systems”

Project value: PLN 3,730,880.27

Project co-financed from the EU: PLN 2,673,595.53


Project goal:

The aim of the project is to develop a new device – electric dependence lock (EDL), dedicated to work in new and modernized control systems and switches on railway routes. The main technological issue will be making dependencies for standardized mechanical interlocks of railway traffic control devices (RTCD) in specially developed housings.
The innovativeness of this solution is of key importance for railway traffic elements, such as switches and junctions, which are adjusted by means of electrically-driven switches. The solution will be characterized by the use of executive elements that enable full scalability depending on the number of final-executive elements in railway traffic.

Expected outcome:

The Electric Dependency Lock will minimize the risks associated with possible human errors. The essence of the solution will be development of the automatic locking system of a unique design as well as the control and trigger systems of the switches.
Implementing a work registration system will allow full control over the system and its full control and service, and, most importantly, will increase safety. The solution will meet the requirements and expectations of customers – railway users.